Touring Exhibitions

touringThrough development of its own brand of museum and attraction management, York Archaeological Trust has successfully developed themed exhibitions that are available for hire to public and private organisations and have a proven track record of generating high levels of public attendance. Key partnerships have been forged with other local attractions, businesses and destination marketing organisations using our exhibitions including City of York Council, Durham City Council and the Merchant Adventurers’ Hall in York.

For more information on the touring exhibitions available to hire, please click here  or contact Sarah Maltby.

Touring Exhibition Image Gallery

  • Gladiators - A Cemetery of Secrets
  • Excavating the Skeletons
  • The Thrax class of Gladiator
  • Gladiators Exhibition
  • Gladiators Exhibition showing skeleton cases
  • The children's area within the Gladiators exhibition
  • YAT archaeologists installing one of the skeletons in Durham
  • The Gladiator exhibition installed at a new site in Durham city centre
  • Valhalla - In Search of the Viking Dead
  • The Valhalla Exhibition
  • A Viking longship and grave goods within the Valhalla Exhibition
  • Children's area within the Valhalla Exhibition
  • Heroes
  • The Gladiators Exhibition
  • The children's area within Heroes
  • A Viking longship and projection within Heroes
  • From Hamlet to Hollywood
  • Elizabeth Taylor's outfit from Young Toscanini and Dame Judi Dench's costume from Cranford
  • Helena Bonham-Carter's & Colin Firth's costumes from The King's Speech and Kiera Knightley' costume from The Duchess
  • Colin Firth's and Jennifer Ehle's costumes from Prids and Prejudice
  • Plague, Poverty, Prayer: Ahorrid History with Terry Deary
  • Plague. Poverty, Prayer Exhiibition
  • The 'Rotting Table' from Plague, Poverty, Prayer
  • Skeletal remains on display in the Plague, Poverty, Prayer exhibition
  • Costumed staff from Plague, Poverty, Prayer