Public Presentation

Archaeological discovery is made accessible to the public through the many innovative ways in which York Archaeological Trust presents its findings. The core of this is through the Trust’s Attractions and Events Division, the JORVIK Group. Public presentation body

The Trust is able to reach out to people of all ages and different interests, providing many mechanisms for helping people to enjoy learning about the past. People learn and are entertained in different ways and, through this aspect of the Trust, it provides active, interactive, experiential and discovery based learning opportunities as well as more passive experiences, all with the following common purposes:

  • To present, interpret and safeguard our heritage
  • To communicate archaeological discoveries
  • To engage new audiences and maintain current ones
  • To provide integrity and authenticity
  • To innovate
  • To entertain and educate
  • To communicate our brand and be the public face of York Archaeological Trust
  • To be financially viable and sustainable in the future

Through these common purposes, the Trust’s Attractions and Events Division has a clear strategic vision:

We create understanding and inspiration By providing unique access to heritage and archaeological discoveries For everyone’s enjoyment.

For more information on the JORVIK Group, please click here or contact Sarah Maltby.