Roman Finds

On line Roman FindsThis important catalogue of Roman finds from sites to the south of the River Ouse has been collated for use within our research library for students wishing to access our IADB system. This includes objects from Rougier Street, Tanner Row and Queen’s Hotel, Skeldergate. New photography has also been taken to illustrate this important collection of objects, undertaken by Peter Livesey working on secondment from the JORVIK Front of House Team. His account of his secondment can be found here.




Pictures of Finds from Tanner Row: 1983-1984.32

  • SF774 - Horse Pendant
  • SF775 - Copper Alloy Brooch
  • SF830 - Jet Bangle
  • SF1149 - Lead Alloy, Statue Arm
  • SF1510 - Copper Alloy Box Plate
  • SF1623 - Glass Bowl
  • SF1703 - Leather Shoe
  • SF1993 - Glass Jug
  • SF2136 - Leather Shoe
  • SF2157 - Ivory Knife Handle