Artefacts Online

York Archaeological Trust is custodian to thousands of individual small finds discovered in excavations across York, representing over 2,000 years of history, from prehistoric times to the Victorian period. This new on-line resource allows access to these artefacts, making it possible to search our database, view images and understand where in York these objects were found. The project allowed us to second Peter Livesey from our Front of House Team at JORVIK to produce the library of photographs for this project. Peter also underwent specialist training to allow him to gain specialist knowledge and skills. Read Peter’s account of his project here.

This project is ongoing and we will add to this database in the future.


Shaking Hands with the Past: Educational Videos

For our school’s audience, we have also produced a series of vodcasts entitled ‘ Shaking Hands with the Past’. Each of these presentations features one of our unique artefacts and explains their use, construction and history in easily understood terms and with the help of a friendly local Viking! These vodcasts can be used by teachers, parents and pupils to help bring alive the topic of living in Viking times. We intend to create a complete series of similar presentations and include objects from different historical periods in the York collection.

Shaking Hands With The Past: Episode 1 – Viking Sock

Shaking Hands With The Past: Episode 2 – Viking Coin Die

Shaking Hands With The Past: Episode 3 – Viking Board Game

Shaking Hands With The Past: Episode 4 – Viking Instruments

Artefact Images Galleries

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