Resilience Year 1 Projects




In 2015 Arts Council EnglandPrint awarded York Archaeological Trust £69,290 as part of its Museum’s Resilience funding programme. This financial support is being used to develop our research and access strategy for our collections by:

  • Making our whole collection more accessible at our store, in our museums, at other people’s museums, in the community and virtually on the web.
  • Extending the knowledge and skills of our own staff and volunteers by creating exciting opportunities to work across-departments and on new projects.
  • Generating greater understanding of our collection by working in partnership with Universities and other experts and offering more opportunities to use our collections for research projects, large and small.
  • Creating new educational opportunities for students of all ages.
  • Sharing best practice within the sector, and externally, through mentoring and providing easy access to our knowledge and skills.

In this first year we collaborated with many partners, including universities, individual experts and other museums, where specialists undertook original research on elements of our collection to generate new and increased understanding.

All of this research appears on this web site and some will become the foundation for new exhibitions at our attractions or the basis for a conference or other event.


We continue to engage new and current staff and volunteers with all of this work including intern placements and secondments throughout the organisation. You can find out more about their experiences or explore the educational resources that the projects have inspired here: