Archive Services

The York Archaeological Trust archive contains documents and records created in the process of its archaeological activity. Our archive is currently undergoing an extensive review to modernise services. As we continue this process, this page will serve as an access point for our developing resources.


Site Catalogue

A new archive catalogue is being created as part of the review. We are currently focusing on our site archives, but in time the catalogue will include publications, images, and other materials

You can access the site catalogue here.


How To Use The Catalogue

The link above will take you to this spreadsheet containing general archival information:


Site Catalogue front page, highlighting the tab for the site index.


The red circle in the image above highlights the ‘Group Index‘ tab which will take you to an index of sites that have been catalogued. For each site, the link provided in the column ‘Link to Site Description‘ will take you to the catalogued material for that individual site.

To click on any link in the catalogue, hover your cursor over the cell then click on the link-box that appears floating above it:


The cursor hovers above the cell containing the link to a site, causing the circled box to appear. Clicking this box will take you to the archive for that particular site.


Each site has a pair of spreadsheets formatted in the same way as the Site Catalogue; the first page contains general site data while the second page will index and link to specific archive items.


Page of archive catalogue showing the index for an individual site.


If you wish to alter the size of the catalogue for easier reading, alter the percentage value in the top left corner of the page:


Altering the percentage in this box will change the size of the catalogue for easier reading.


This catalogue will be regularly updated with more sites and material as we continue their cataloguing and digitisation.


Accessing our Archive

Our site catalogue provides digital copies of our own publicly available records. Some records will have restricted access due to client confidentiality, and material will not be digitally available if we do not hold the copyright.

If you wish to access site records that have not yet been included in the site catalogue, please contact us by following the link below.


Contacting the Archive

Please use the form here to contact our archive service team.

Please be aware that during periods of high demand, there may be delays in our response.