Between 1973 and 2000 York Archaeological Trust published a series of interim reports on their excavations in the city of York. Interim reports appeared six times a year maintaining a general coverage of excavations in progress, as well as a mix of special features and articles concerning individual finds. Diggers, researcher staff, and specialists contributed a range of articles over the years which not only traced the progress of various archaeological projects but also looked at the history of York, the possibilities and puzzles in the archaeology of the City and the collections of objects discovered there.

Only a percentage of the original digitised text and images remain accessible and much of the information, theories and interpretations of the material has been superseded in the years following its first publication in the Interim volumes. What remains is, none the less, an interesting and useful commentary and insight into the archaeology of York as it was being uncovered by York Archaeological Trust, in some cases, over 40 years ago.


Building Fabrics

Colourful Floors From Excavations at Swinegate, York, 1990 by Sarah Jennings

Egglestone Marble in York Churches, 1998 by Geoffrey Blacker & Murray Mitchell

Roman Interiors by Elizabeth Hartley



When the Romans Got Shafted A lift-pit excavation behind 3, Little Stonegate, York, 1998-99 by Neil Macnab

Summer by the seaside Archaeological salvage works in Scarborough, 1999

Coppergate & Castlegate Before the Excavations, 1975 by P. Tillott & R. A. Hall

The Wise Man Built His House Upon…?? Excavations at 9, Little Stonegate, York, 199by Neil Macnab

Read all about it! York Time Capsule Dented Excavations at 3-17 Coney Street, York, 1990 by Richard Kemp

Excavations at 32 – 34 Skeldergate, York, 1990

Excavations at 41-49 Walmgate, York, 2000 by Neil Macnab

Excavations at 47-51 Skeldergate, York, 1996 by D.T.Evans

Excavations at Castle Garage, York 1981 by Patrick Ottaway

To be A Jacobean North Wing, Or Not To Be ? Excavations at Hazelwood Castle, North Yorkshire, 1997

Back to the Chapel Excavations at St George’s Chapel, St George’s Field, York, 1990 by Kurt Hunter-Mann

St Leonard’s at the Theatre Excavations at St Leonard’s Hospital, The Theatre Royal Site, York, 1998 by Mark Johnson

Excavations at St Wilfred’s Monastery Site, Ripon by Richard Hall

Skeletons in the Cupboard Excavations at the Former Female Prison, York Castle Car Park, 1998

Excavations in the Former Primitive Methodist Chapel, 3, Little Stonegate, York, 1998 by D.T.Evans

A Pint of Old Body Excavations at The Fox Public House, Tadcaster Road, Dringhouses, York 1997 by Neil Macnab

Excavations at Rougier Street, York, 1981 by Patrick Ottaway

The Quest for the Minster Precinct Excavations in the Minster Precinct, York, 1999 by Kurt Hunter-Mann

The Leaning Tower of St. William Excavations of a 17th Century Stair Tower at St Williams College, York, 1999 by Neil Macnab

Kilns from Excavations at West Cowick, East Yorkshire, 1999 by Mark Johnson

Well, well, The excavation of two wells on New Walk Terrace, York, 1999 by Beryl Lott, Jane McComish & Elizabeth Gil



The Danish Capture of York by S.A.J. Bradley


*Illustrations produced for these reports courtesy of Lesley Collett