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York Archaeological Trust understands the key role volunteers play within organisations and offer exciting opportunities to get involved with both our archaeological activities and visitor attractions. We currently have over sixty volunteers who donate their spare time to help the Trust, across various departments. To contact the department you would like to speak to about volunteering, click here

Our present volunteers represents a wide range of ages and experience, but all share an interest of archaeology and a wish to help us preserve the past for the future. Please note we cannot accept volunteers under 18 years of age.

Examples of potential vacancies include:

Vacancies within the Finds Team

Thumbnail for The finds from @biagioruggiero's butchery pit are now being sorted intFrom time to time we have vacancies in the volunteer finds team. The tasks will vary depending on the work at hand, the skills the potential volunteer may have and the time they have to offer. Volunteers receive training and are mentored by members of the curatorial team. Our present volunteers represents a wide range of ages and experience, but all share an interest of archaeology and a wish to help us preserve the past for the future. Examples of potential vacancies include:

Volunteer Finds Washer

Bulk finds (pottery, animal bone, ceramic building materials) from an excavation require the removal of soil by washing so that the work of identifying, studying and conserving objects can begin. This task requires a certain amount of manual dexterity to ensure the safe handling of the finds and accuracy to ensure that the correct site information is retained with the relevant objects.As with all our voluntary placement roles a member of the Curatorial Department will provide training and ongoing support.

Volunteer Pottery Marker

Due to the long term survival qualities of pottery many excavations by the Trust produce a significant number of pottery sherds. These sherds can provide a wealth of information regarding the date and use of a site and it is essential that their provenance can be easily identified. The Curatorial Department therefore marks excavated pottery with its assigned site number. This task requires significant manual dexterity and the ability to write small, neat numbers accurately.

Volunteer Documentation Assistant

Accurate documentation (for example: recording the identification, material, size, location) of excavated finds is a vital part of the Curatorial Department’s work. Tasks carried out by a Volunteer Documentation Assistant include entering accurate information by hand and onto a computerised database. Volunteers can be based at the finds processing areas or at our store.

General Curatorial Volunteer

This volunteer position provides the chance to explore different areas of work Undertaken by the Curatorial Department. The tasks are flexible depending on the nature of current projects and may include washing, marking, documentation and exhibition related work. The work may be based at the finds processing area, in the offices or at the store.

For more information on volunteering within the Finds Team email findsvolunteers@yorkat.co.uk.

Vacancies within The JORVIK Group

For information on Volunteer and Placement opportunities within the tourism sector, please visit The JORVIK Group website.

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