The Creation of Campaign Canute

Campaign Canute was the fundraising campaign born out of the devastation to JORVIK Viking Centre following the flooding that affected in York at Christmas 2015, which raised over £1.5 million to re-imagine JORVIK and re-open the Viking Centre at Easter 2017, with generous donations from Trusts, organisations, and individuals.

  • Flood water levels by the animatronic children playing hnefatafl
  • Flood water levels by the animatronic pigs
  • Flood water levels by the animatronic house builders
  • Flood water levels by the antler worker animatronic
  • Flood water levels by the man on the loo animatronic
  • Flood water levels inside the technical department
  • New Arabic trader animatronic
  • New woman and baby animatronic
  • New market seller animatronic
  • New market seller animatronic (2)
  • New animatronic ducks
  • New fisherman animatronics
  • New family member animatronics playing hnefatafl
  • New hunter and dog animatronics
  • New lady working the loom animatronic
  • New pig animatronics
  • New priest and dying lady animatronics
  • New slave trader animatronic
  • New open plan gallery experience
  • New open plan gallery experience (2)
  • New state of the art interpretation
  • New skeleton display cases
  • New Discover Coppergate gallery

You can discover more of the severity of the flood damage and the results of the re-imagining on the JORVIK Viking Centre website.

The work of Campaign Canute goes on, raising funds to help York Archaeological Trust continue to build and enhance public engagement and develop programmes, including virtual and digital access, around the collections, stories and ongoing research.

How Can I Contribute to Campaign Canute?

To speak to someone about supporting the Trust, contact John Hainsworth on 01904 663000.

Your donation to #CampaignCanute will help York Archaeological Trust, an independent, educational charity and the owners and operators of JORVIK, to sustain its charitable and educational mission for generations to come.  Thank you for your support.

N.B. As an educational Charity you can help us further by donating through Gift Aid which allows us to claim from the Government, an extra 25p for every £1 you spend.