Peter Livesey

November 2015

Peter Livesey works for York Archaeological Trust as a Deputy Admissions and Reservations Team Leaser in their Attractions & Events Division, The JORVIK Group. His remit also covers the role of Deputy Cashier on a part-time basis.

Photography Project Log

pottery photographyFor my secondment I have been given the opportunity to photograph some of the trusts archaeological finds for various projects.

I have a keen interest in photography and outside of work I like to spend my time taking pictures and tinkering with photo editing. As such when this opportunity arose I knew it was something that I would enjoy doing and an excellent way for me to further my experience as a photographer.

The first project I have been working on is the Pottery Online project, which involves taking pictures of over seventy of the trusts most interesting pottery finds. The finds that I have documented in this project have ranged greatly in age and design, from roman storage vessels to a 1930’s tea cup.

Besides pottery I will shortly be starting a couple of new projects. These will involve the photographing of worked flints and a selection of Viking finds.

Taking the pictures involves balancing the many settings of the camera to create a pristine image of the artefact. As well as the cameras settings the light for each image needs to be perfect, making sure the image is as near to a life like representation of the artefact. This is important as even the slightest blur can leave the final image not fit for purpose as anyone wishing to study the artefact may only have access to the image.

This secondment is a series of ongoing projects that will keep me busy for many months to come and it so far it has proven to be a great opportunity for me to hone my skills as a photographer in a professional environment.

A Selection of some of Peter’s Photography

  • A Prehistoric Hand Axe
  • A Prehistoric Arrow Head
  • A Roman Cremation Urn
  • A Series of Anglo-Scandinavian Lamps
  • A Collection of Anglo-Scandinavian Antler Combs
  • An Anglo-Scandinavian Fish Hook
  • An Anglo-Scandinavian Leather Shoe