Tang Hall Big Local Archaeology

Tang Hall Big Local Archaeology

Tang Hall Big Local

2017 - On-going


Over Summer 2017, York Archaeological Trust (YAT), aims to encourage residents of the Tang Hall area of York to explore the evidence of Roman pottery production in the area and what this evidence reveals about the past inhabitants.

You can take part in a Community Pottery Survey and other activities to find out more about Tang Hall’s history and the evidence past residents have left behind.

Through a series of community events, the project will help residents explore their area and the archaeological evidence of the past that survives. Together we will create an exhibition showcasing the outcomes of the project from September 2017.


Pottery Identification and Recording Day
Saturday 5th August

Residents are encouraged to bring pottery discovered in their gardens and allotments along to this unique event to be identified and recorded by YAT’s Community Pottery Group. All sherds will be recorded onto the British Museum’s Portable Antiquities Schemes database. In this way a map of the pottery spread across the Tang Hall area will be created and can be shared with residents later in the year through the exhibition at DIG.

Roman Pottery Day
Saturday 26th August

The day will investigate how pottery was made in the Roman period and look at the evidence for Roman pottery production in Tang Hall. Experienced potter, Graham Taylor, who has featured on the popular BBC programme, Great Pottery throw Down, will guide residents taking part to create their own replica pots using the method used by the Romans in Tang Hall 2000 years ago.
The potter will take the pots back to his kiln at the end of the day to be fired before they are returned to York later in the summer.

Events will be held at Tang Hall Community Centre, Fifth Ave, York YO31 0UG

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