Stonehenge Laser Scan Analysis

Stonehenge Laser Scan Analysis

English Heritage

2012 - 2012


ArcHeritage were commissioned by English Heritage to undertake detailed archaeological analysis of 3D laser scan data of the Stonehenge monument.

850 gigabytes of data had been collected by the Greenhatch Group in 2011. ArcHeritage developed innovative luminance lensing techniques to examine the surfaces of the stones for new prehistoric rock carvings, and for information about the working of the stones during construction and development of the monument.

Marcus Abbott at StonehengeArcHeritage worked with Dr Hugo Anderson-Whymark (University of Liverpool), Dr Mike Parker-Pearson (formerly University of Sheffield, now UCL), Dr Colin Richards (University of Manchester), Dr Rob Ixer (consultant) and colleagues from the Conservation Laboratory of York Archaeological Trust. The new analytical techniques developed for this project have significant potential for future research into prehistoric monuments and the identification of previously undiscovered rock art.

Download theĀ full report, published by English Heritage.

Associated Images from the Case Study

  • Point cloud data generated with Agisoft Photoscan, was used to enhance the areas of prehistoric carving
  • An illustration showing how the interplay of light and shadow can reveal prehistoric carvings
  • An illustration showing the Luminence Lensing technique developed by YAT top reveal prehistoric carvings
  • An illustration showing the newly discovered prehistoric carvings on stone number 4
  • Every stone now has a complete set of accurate elevations, creating an atlas of the Stonehenge
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