Community Engagement Projects from the Nottingham Office.

Community Engagement Projects from the Nottingham Office.

Various Clients

2014 - 2014


YAT’s Nottingham office, Trent and Peak Archaeology, have been involved with numerous community projects this year, from a building recording project based in Southwell, Nottinghamshire, to an historical research and oral history project based in St Anns, Nottingham.

Trent and Peak have also been associated with excavation projects at Markeaton Park in Derby, and in Toton, Nottinghamshire, the latter of which combined different surveying techniques to establish the best places to excavate. These successful projects have led onto more community work in these areas. Other large projects, such as a community excavation at Lenton Priory in Nottingham ready to start in the next few weeks. We are also planning a project based on the Archaeology Live franchise to take place in Nottingham next year.

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