Follow the Vikings Roadshow – Reaching Communities across Europe

The ‘Follow the Vikings’ roadshows are part of a €4 million project, co-funded by Creative Europe and 15 European partners, and coordinated by the team at York Archaeological Trust. The shows are a unique celebration of the cultural and historic impact of the Vikings. 

The touring show includes specially commissioned performances by contemporary artists from all over Europe, including actors, musicians, dancers and film makers. 

The two-year programme, which began in August 2017, has performed live across Europe at 11 significant Viking locations. Each show is unique; adding a spectacular and complimentary pan-European experience to an already existing Viking events programme.

Working with staff and volunteers from each participating partner, each location has sought out professional and amateur artists and performers, as well as members of the public, both young and old, to be involved in their local event.

The roadshows support the development of career skills for professional artists and partners’ staff.  They champion the artists, providing international co-operation and open opportunities to internationalise their careers.  They also offer opportunities for members of the local communities to acquire new skills and further their artistic careers.

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