Conserving the Aud Anchors – Objects with Power & Resonance

The anchors from the ship Aud have been described as some of the most important and easily understood artefacts from an extraordinary event, in the foundation of the Republic of Ireland during the lead up to the Easter Uprising of 1916.

The Aud was scuttled transporting a cargo of German arms and ammunition for the Irish Volunteers, with the intention of offloading the cargo in Tralee Bay where Roger Casement, one of the leaders of the Uprising, was waiting.

The anchors were recovered in 2012 by a team of amateur divers. YAT were asked by the Tralee Bay Heritage Association (TBHA) to oversee their conservation in preparation for the 100th anniversary of the Easter Uprising in 2016. Funding was provided by the EU LEADER Rural Development Programme Ireland 2007-2013.

The conserved anchors were first exhibited at a public ceremony in February 2016, attended by 1,000 local people including school children, the Irish Culture Minister and the German Ambassador. One of the conserved anchors was then used in the Centenary Commemoration of Roger Casement; the only state commemoration outside of Dublin.