Church Explorers

Church Explorers is a partnership initiative originally devised by York Archaeological Trust, and now led by YAT, Leeds Minster, and The Borthwick Institute for Archives.


Over the past eight years this festival of church heritage and tourism has evolved to become a network, working to promote the architectural and archaeological importance of church buildings in Yorkshire. Together we aim to encourage members of the public to visit and value these historic buildings. 

The Church Explorers network connects people working in churches to help them promote their building through a year-round programme of networking events, training and skills-sharing workshops. Together we explore the history and archaeology of our church buildings and discover how to make the most of them as a heritage asset for tourism and education.

The network organises and promotes an annual summer-long Church Explorers Festival from June to September every year. The festival celebrates the variety and richness of Yorkshire’s church buildings through a themed programme of website listings, open days, tours, exhibitions and events which are open to the public and encourage visitors to come and explore the buildings for themselves.

David Scott