Castle Caves Revealed

In 2015 the JORVIK Group, working for Nottingham City Council, completed an exciting and unique project to reinterpret one of the cave systems that lies deep beneath Nottingham Castle.

Consisting of a series of sandstone caves which were possibly excavated around the year 1200 on the orders of King John, they are thought to have been used both a dungeon for King David of Scotland in 1439 and a Ducal wine cellar throughout the 18th century. This fascinating development scheme explores the history of the caves through textual, visual, audio and sensory interpretation, all of which were specifically designed to address the challenging environment presented by the caves.

The JORVIK group created a series of new interpretation panels and audio visual displays using stunning 3D imagery of the cave system to introduce visitors to the cave. Moving through the underground space, which all benefitted from a new lighting design, visitors encounter wall projections of some of the key historical figures associated with the caves and the Castle including Colonel John Hutchinson, Governor at the castle during the Civil War and Sir John Byron, Castle Constable and Porter for both King Richard III and Henry VII. The Ducal wine cellar depicts a typical cellar from 1750 complete with sounds and smells from the Georgian period.

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