Nottinghamshire Coalfields: Conserving Significance and Retaining Identity

As our economy changes, the remains of many now-redundant industries are coming under increasing threat, totally transforming huge swathes of the UK. Their legacies need to be conserved if we are to retain an understanding of their former importance and contribution to regional identities.

This project assessed the condition and vulnerability of the physical remains related to the former Nottinghamshire coal industry.  It identified the varying character and survival of coal mining heritage as the industry developed from the exposed (surface) coal fields to deep mining. This ultimately led to the development of purpose-built collieries and pit villages, with all the facilities needed by the mining community; a world famously evoked in the literature of D H Lawrence.

Community workshops enabled local people to engage with the project and helped us understand which elements of the mining heritage are important to them.

The project provides a strategic overview of Nottinghamshire's coal mining heritage, so that planning decisions about conservation and protection can be made on an informed basis.

CommunityDavid Scott