Alderney Arrow Remover

Alderney Maritime Trust employs the conservation laboratories at York Archaeological Trust to provide conservation for material brought up from a 16th Century shipwreck found just off the island. The project is a long-term one as new material is brought up regularly. Material which is brought to us requires investigation, stabilisation and bringing to display standard, as the objects go on display in the Alderney Museum.One object which was recently treated was a ‘concretion’ which, after X-radiography was found to contain the void of a corroded wrought iron object, with copper alloy cogs and bolts (which had survived) the shape of which was rather reminiscent of medical forceps. In order to gain further information about the nature of the object, we were asked to make a mould of the object, which was achieved by carefully drilling through the concretion and feeding in rubber latex. Once the rubber had set, the hard concretion could then be carefully removed mechanically using an engraving tool. The shape of the object was thus revealed and further research revealed it to be a possible arrow remover.

David Scott