Community Investigation of site of 18th century Tin Mill

Community Investigation of site of 18th century Tin Mill

Hunshelf Parish Council1 has received a Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) Sharing Heritage2 grant, it was announced today. This exciting project, Community Investigation of site of 18th century Tin Mill, is in Hunshelf parish, Barnsley and the parish council, has been given £9,900 to investigate the building remains. The parish council (with the support of Wharncliffe Estates, who own the site) will lead the project and hope to discover the layout of the mill buildings and water courses, and  to determine what the industrial processes were, especially whether the site did make tinplate.

Sharing Heritage is a new funding programme to help people across the UK explore, conserve and share all aspects of the history and character of their local area.

The remains of walls and water courses in Tin Mill wood, near Deepcar, dating from the 1740s, have always been a bit of a mystery. Although the area is called Tin Mill wood, experts have always thought that it was not a tin plating mill, as it was too far from the tin mining areas of England (mainly in Cornwall). Hunshelf Parish Council want the project to involve as many local people, particularly local schools, as possible and it will enable volunteers to learn about archaeological techniques involving excavations, dealing with finds and artefacts, surveying and photographic techniques etc. Hopefully the project will enable the community to understand the importance of the site to the local industrial heritage.

Commenting on the award, Barry Tylee said: “It’s great that we have been awarded this grant. This parish has a fantastic industrial heritage and if we can prove that the remains are of a tin mill, then this would really add to the rich local history. This grant enables us to employ ArcHeritage3 to lead the excavation of the site, and I am pleased that local people and schools are involved.  Children from the nearby Thurgoland Primary school will be visiting the site, and it is possible that the children of the mill workers went to the village school in the 18th and 19th century.”

Fiona Spiers, Head of the Heritage Lottery Fund, Yorkshire and the Humber, said: “Sharing Heritage is a wonderful opportunity for communities to delve into their local heritage and we are delighted to be able to offer this grant so that the Community Investigation of site of 18th century Tin Mill can embark on a real journey of discovery. Heritage means such different things to different people, and HLF’s funding offers a wealth of opportunities for groups to explore and celebrate what’s important to them in their area.”



Notes to editors

1Hunshelf Parish Council is a small parish in the Barnsley Metropolitan area. It has an important industrial heritage involving quarrying and metal working, with Top Forge museum located there.

2Sharing Heritage is for any not-for-profit group wanting to explore their community’s heritage. With a commitment from HLF of £3m each year, Sharing Heritage grants between £3,000 and £10,000 are now available to groups who want to discover their local heritage. Projects can cover a wide spectrum of subject matter from exploring local archaeology and a community’s cultures and traditions to identifying and recording local wildlife and protecting the surrounding environment to managing and training volunteers, and holding festivals and events to commemorate the past.

3ArcHeritage is a Sheffield-based archaeological and heritage practice. It is part of the York Archaeological Trust and was established in November 2009 to extend the work of the Trust into Yorkshire and the wider region. As well as undertaking a wide range of commercially-funded archaeological projects, the practice designs and delivers research and community projects. ArcHeritage has an ongoing commitment to community involvement, education and training in archaeology, and the presentation of archaeological discoveries to the public. The practice is continually innovating in the sphere of digital heritage interpretation and visualisation.

Heritage Lottery Fund

Using money raised through the National Lottery, the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) aims to make a lasting difference for heritage, people and communities across the UK and help build a resilient heritage economy. From museums, parks and historic places to archaeology, natural environment and cultural traditions, we invest in every part of our diverse heritage. HLF has supported over 36,000 projects with more than £6bn across the UK including £440m to over 3,100 projects in Yorkshire & the Humber alone. Images available on request.



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