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These fascicules in the Archaeology of York series are now out of print, but are available to download:

The Archaeology of York 16/1
Selected Pottery Groups AD650 - 1780

by Jane Holdsworth(1978)

A study of the excavated pottery types common in York in ten successive time periods between AD650 and 1780.

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The Archaeology of York 12/1
The Cemetery of St Helen-on-the-Walls, Aldwark

by Jean D. Davies and J. R. Magilton (1980)

An account of the excavation of the cemetery of the medieval parish church of St Helen-on-the-Walls, Aldwark, York with a detailed report on the human bones, the population characteristics, pathology and a catalogue of the excavated skeletons.

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The Archaeology of York 8/2
St Mary Bishophill Junior and St Mary Castlegate

by L.P Wenham, R.A. Hall, C. M. Briden and D. A. Stocker (1987)

An account of excavations north of the church of St Mary Bishophill Junior by L.P. Wenham in the 1960s, and a detailed survey of the fabric of its 11th-century tower by C. M. Briden; also a summary of 1974 excavations at St Mary Castlegate.

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The Archaeology of York 17/1
Finds from a Roman Sewer System and an adjacent building in Church Street

by Arthur MacGregor

This report from 1976 presents the finds from the well-preserved Roman sewers, which probably drained the bath house within the legionary fortress. Objects recovered included gaming pieces of stone, pottery and glass, bath flasks, jewellery and an interesting collection of jasper, chalcedony and cornelian intaglios of 2nd to 3rd century date.

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The Archaeology of York 17/14
Finds from Anglo-Scandinavian York

by Ailsa Mainman and Nicola Rogers

This report presents the evidence for artefacts produced from stone, glass, fired clay, jet, amber and non-ferrous metalwork of Anglo-Scandinavian date (c.850–late 11th century) from York. Most of this evidence derives from sites in the Piccadilly/Coppergate area of the city, the majority being recovered from excavations of well-preserved structures and associated features at 16–22 Coppergate. In addition, an important collection of amber found in the late 19th century at Clifford Street, near Coppergate, is published here for comparison with the amber from the other sites.

These artefacts, together with those previously published, give a vivid account of the activities and daily life of York’s inhabitants in the Anglo-Scandinavian period. The final discussion aims to synthesise this wide range of new material and to examine the information it provides concerning trade, cultural influences and the character of Viking Age York. A catalogue of all the material recovered from the sites and a concordance of provenances completes this report.

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Anglo-Scandinavian Finds
The Archaeology of York 17/15
Finds from Medieval York

by Patrick Ottaway and Nicola Rogers

This report is the definitive publication of some 6,000 objects made in a wide range of materials, including iron and non-ferrous metals, stone, glass and jet. They come from contexts dated to between c.1066 and 1600, excavated at four major sites in the medieval city; 16–22 Coppergate (medieval tenements), Bedern foundry (bronze-working workshop), Bedern (College of the Vicars Choral of York Minster) and 46–54 Fishergate (Gilbertine Priory).

The first part of the report describes tools and implements, including those used in metalworking, leatherworking and textile manufacture. It also discusses the debris from craft activity, including a report on the analysis of non-ferrous metalworking waste at the Bedern Foundry and College sites. In addition, there is a full report on the metallurgy of seventeen iron knives to set alongside analyses of Anglian and Anglo-Scandinavian specimens from York.

The second part presents a wide range of objects, many of which were used on the sites where they were found. They provide a vivid insight into aspects of life as it was experienced in medieval York and include items of personal dress and clothing, jewellery, glass and other vessels, equipment for horse and rider, and a substantial assemblage of objects which illustrate the character of buildings, their fittings and furnishings.

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Mediaeval Finds

The Archaeology of York 17/16
Leather and Leatherworking in Anglo-Scandinavian and Medieval York

by Quita Mould, Ian Carlisle and Esther Cameron

This volume presents the evidence for the manufacture and use of leather artefacts in York in the Anglo-Scandinavian and Medieval periods. Over 5000 items of leather dating from the 9th–15th century from Coppergate and other sites in the city are represented.

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Leather and Leatherworking

AY 2/2:York Bridgemasters' Accounts
Translated by Philip Stell (2003)

York Bridgemasters' Accounts offer fascinating insights into life in medieval York. These 15th century documents have been translated from the Latin and are full of information about the lives, occupations and homes of York's past residents.

ISBN 1 874454 28 0
£35.00 (print)

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York Bridgemasters Accounts

Making Archaeology Matter:
Quarrying and Archaeology in the Trent Valley (PDF document pdf file: 4.6Mb)
by David Knight and Blaise Vyner

This recently published booklet aims to provide a brief introduction to the archaeological issues associated with quarrying in the Trent Valley, one of the major sources of sand and gravel in the UK. It is downloadable in pdf format here by clicking on the title above.

This booklet was initiated by York Archaeological Trust and written by David Knight and Blaise Vyner. It was funded by the Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund distributed by English Heritage on behalf of Defra.

Making Archaeology Matter download

Archaeology and Landscape in the Vale of York ( PDF documentpdf file: 6Mb)
by Mark Whyman and Andy Howard


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