This series of Insights has been contributed by York Archaeological Trust staff members and external specialists for Finding the Future. They aim to frame an understanding of aspects of the Trust’s collection of artefacts and their archaeological context; and also to enhance staff involvement. The authors represent a broad range of experience and knowledge. Insights are not presented as YAT publications, they have not been peer reviewed or edited to full publication standard. Rather they should be seen as statements reflecting the research, ideas, knowledge and interests of the individual authors. They are not necessarily designed to be the definitive word, may not always agree with the Trust’s previous publications, and some of their content may be subject to debate or different interpretation. All within the spirit of Finding the Future.



Whithorn 6 The 1993 Excavations at Whithorn Priory, 1995 by Dave Pollock

Report Number AYW10: Archaeological Investivations at Fey Field, Whithorn – Principal Authors J.M. McComish and D. Petts



Report Number AYW9: Roman, Anglian and Anglo-Scandinavian Activity and a Medieval Cemetery on Land at the Junction of Dixon Lane and George Street – By J.M. McComish

Report Number 2015/36: A Guide to Ceramic Building Materials – By J.M. McComish

Report Number 2015/44: Archaeological Investigations at 12-18 Swinegate, 14 Little Stonegate  and 18 Back Swinegate – By J.M. McComish

Report Number 2015/45: The wooden Writing Tablets from Excavations at 12-18 Swinegate – By J.M. McComish

Report Number 2015/46: The Pre-Conquest Coffins from 12-18 Swinegate and 18 Back Swinegate – By J.M. McComish

Report Number 2015/48: Excavations by York Archaeological Trust within the Walled Area to the South-West of the River Ouse, York – By J.M. McComish

Report Number 2015/62: Archaeological Excavations at the General Accident Site, 24-30 Tanner Row, York – By J.M. McComish

Report Number 2016/01: A Report on the Bedern and Henly’s Garage Excavations, York  – By J.M. McComish

Report Number 2016/02: A Report on Various Excavations in York with Post-Medieval Artefacts of Note – By J.M. McComish

Driffield Terrace – By K. Hunter-Mann

Report on the Wooden Coffins and Grave Furniture from 12-18 Swinegate, 14 Little Stonegate and 18 Back Swinegate York (YORYM 1989.28, 1990.28, 1990.1) – By Steve Allan

Selected Roman Small Finds from the Cemetery at nos. 3 and 6 Driffield Terrace, York – By H.E.M. Cool

Haymarket Horse Pendents by Nicola Rogers and Irene Szymanski with Mags Felter

Crime and Punishment in 19th Century York: Analysing the Skeletons Excavated at the former Female Prison by Jayne Rimmer

Finds from the former Site of St Peter’s School, Union Terrace, 1972 by Nicola Rogers

Judge’s Lodging (SC1983.45) Witch- bottle (SF271) by Nicola Rogers

Witch-Bottle, Judge’s Lodging 1983.45 SF271 Report on Fibre Analysis by Margarita Gleba

The Rougier family; Comb-making in York by Nicola Rogers and Dr Sonia O’Connor

Three Papal Bullae from Peasholme Green, York by Nicola Rogers

Comb making industry in York during the 19th century By Zoe Durrant-Walker

Exploring the end of Roman York: Queen’s Hotel by Dr David Petts

Pawson’s Warehouse- Skeldergate by Kate Fletcher

A History of St Peter’s School at the Union Terrace Site by Paul Toy

St Mary’s in the Horsefair: The Medieval Hospital at Union Terrace by Helen Houghton

The Judge’s Lodgings Witch Bottle by Martin Whittaker