Coppergate bookYork Archaeological Trust has a long-standing track record of in-house publication including  over 60 volumes in its internationally-renowned series, The Archaeology of York, its Oral History Series, and its twice-yearly magazine, Northern Archaeology Today, which covers news about discoveries and activities of York Archaeological Trust. These offer a wide range of information for educational and archaeological research, for public interest and the wider dissemination of archaeological and historical knowledge.

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Anglo-Scandinavian Occupation at 16-22 Coppergate Supplements

Appendix 2: Osteological Analysis by Malin Holst, York Osteoarchaeology Ltd

Appendix 3: Tree-Ring analysis of the Anglo-Scandinavian Oak Timbers by Cathy Tyers and Jennifer Hillam

Appendix 4: The Woodworking Technology of the Anglo-Scandinavian Timbers from 16-22 Coppergate by S.J. Allen

National Archaeology Today

Issue 1: Pittentian, Eastern Moors & Nottingham’s Caves

Issue 2: Bru na Boinne & York’s Guildhall

Issue 3: York Minster, Nottingham, Brigg Raft & Hungate

Issue 4: Arrochar, Templeborough & Lenton Priory

Issue 5: St John the Baptist, Hungate, Glenshee, Charles St. Sheffield & Clifton Park & Ride

Issue 6: Carl Wark, Knavesmire, Octon & Markeaton Hall


Issue 1: 3 Driffield Terrace, York: Vertebrate remains analysis by Alison Foster

Issue 2: St Leonard’s Hospital, York: Environmental sample flotation assessment by Clark Innes and Alan Wood with Jennifer Miller, Northlight Heritage

Issue 3: 6 Driffield Terrace, York: Vertabrate remains analysis by Alison Foster and Deborah Jaques

Yorkshire Archaeology Today

No. 12: Hungate, Seal of an Horologiarius & Burials and Buildings in Silver Street

No. 16: Britain’s Oldest Brain, Hungate & Medieval Piers

No. 17: Dating the Roman Defences, Heslington Brain & Industrial Hungate

No. 18: Hungate: its third year, JORVIK: its third incarnation & Buildings of Yorkshire

No. 19: ‘Viking’ Gold, Back to Blossom Street, Kirkby Overblow & ArcHeritage: YAT in South Yorkshire

No. 20: Hungate Update, Conisbrough & Micklegate Bar and the Battle of Towton

The Archaeology of York

Volume 2/2: Historical Sources after AD 1100 – York Bridgemasters’ Accounts translated by Philip M. Stell

Volume 8/2: Anglo-Scandinavian York – St Mary Bishophill Junior and St Mary Castlegate by L.P. Wenham, R.A. Hall, C. M. Briden and D. A Stocker

Volume 12/1: The Medieval Cemeteries – The Cemetery of St Helen-on-the-Walls, Aldwark by Jean D. Dawes and J.R. Magilton

Volume 16/1: The Pottery – Selected Pottery Groups AD 650-1780 by Jane Holdsworth

Volume 17/1: The Small Finds –  Finds from a Roman Sewer System and an Adjacent Building in Church Street by Arthur MacGregor

Volume 17/14: The Small Finds – Crafts, Industry and Everyday Life: Finds from Anglo-Scandinavian York by A.J. Mainman and N.S.H. Rogers

Volume 17/15: The Small Finds – Crafts, Industry and Everyday Life: Finds from Medieval York by Patrick Ottaway and Nicola Rogers

Volume 17/16: The Small Finds – Leather and Leatherworking in Anglo-Scandinavian and Medieval York by Ouita Mould, Ian Carlisle and Esther Cameron


Whithorn 6: The 1993 Excavations at Whithorn Priory, 1995 by Dave Pollock

Report Number AYW10: Archaeological Investivations at Fey Field, Whithorn – Principal Authors J.M. McComish and D. Petts


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