York Archaeological Trust’s Resilience Project

5000-570 SF425 flint arrow head Late Neolithic - Early Bronze AgeOur collection represents one of the most extensive collections of archaeologically derived material from the whole of Britain and, as such, it is of national, regional and local importance. The archive contains site records, artefacts and ecofacts from over 800 archaeological interventions ranging from major excavations to small evaluations and watching briefs. The research potential of the resultant collection is immense, as it includes a wide range of material types including artefacts, environmental soil samples, human remains and architectural fragments, all of which offer scope for research projects.

The excavations were spread across the city therefore offering the potential to study specific districts, and there is also the potential to study specific periods of history given that the deposits excavated cover all periods of British history from the Romans to the Victorians.

In 2015 Arts Council England awarded York Archaeological Trust £69,290 as part of its Museum’s Resilience funding programme. This financial support is being used to develop our research and access strategy for our collections by:

  • Making our whole collection more accessible at our store, in our museums, at other people’s museums, in the community and virtually on the web.
  • Extending the knowledge and skills of our own staff and volunteers by creating exciting opportunities to work across-departments and on new projects.
  • Generating greater understanding of our collection by working in partnership with Universities and other experts and offering more opportunities to use our collections for research projects, large and small.
  • Creating new educational opportunities for students of all ages.
  • Sharing best practice within the sector, and externally, through mentoring and providing easy access to our knowledge and skills.

PrintIn this first year we are collaborating with many partners, including universities, individual experts and other museums, where specialists are undertaking original research on elements of our collection to generate new and increased understanding.

All of this research will appear on this web site as the year progresses, some will become the foundation for new exhibitions at our attractions or the basis for a conference or other event. Please keep visiting this site to find out more.

If you are interested in getting involved in this project as a Volunteer within our Collections Management Department we would be pleased to hear from you. Please contact Helen Harris, Volunteer Manager, at hharris@yorkat.co.uk

The next round of applications to get involved with the project as a research student or researcher will commence in May 2016. We are happy to receive ideas concerning any potential research projects, particularly pilot projects, using our collection, that could initially be achieved over a short timescale but which may lead to a wider project in the future that may attract further funding. To contact us about a potential project please email details to findingthefuture@yorkat.co.uk. Applications will be reviewed periodically.

As part of the Finding the Future  project, York Archaeological Trust have been able to welcome Jagoda Olender on a year-long internship to assist within the Curatorial department. You can read more about how Jagoda has assisted the team and view her online diary of an intern video below.